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Healthy Food Menu at Stonemoor Day Care Centre Inc.

We have created our menu keeping your child’s overall well-being in mind. Our kitchen staff always follows Canada’s Food Guide to prepare wholesome snacks and meals, and to the best of our ability, provide a peanut-free environment. With a balanced food menu, we ensure optimum health and growth of your child under our care.


Healthy Food Means Healthy Children

To make sure that your little one gets all the nutrition he or she needs, we offer daily breakfast opportunities at our centre! All the children are offered healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon. For those enrolled in Davis Drive and McCaskill’s Mills Programs, they can have lunch at the facility. While our menus are posted at each location, you can also collect the copies from the supervisor. Please remember that each location has possible anaphylactic allergens, and hence, all the outside food is checked by the location Supervisor before being served in any classrooms. A list of allergens is also posted at each location.


Have Suggestions?

Feel free to share any concerns or suggestions you have regarding our menu!

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